We are an innovate and dynamic Hungarian company formed by the partners of Oppenheim, a leading Hungarian commercial law firm, for the purposes of providing bespoke, high quality outsourcing solutions.
Opperator benefits from the resources and experience of
Oppenheim enabling it to utilize the latest technology and provide cost-effective solutions to its clients. Each service sector is overseen by a senior lawyer or other professional who operates as Opperator’s relationship manager. Support is provided by dedicated, fully trained and resources teams.


We provide tailored, cost-effective and high quality outsourcing solutions to law firms, banks, insurance companies and a wide range of companies operating in the services sector. We offer a full range of resources and bespoke outsourcing
solutions in a number of areas, allowing our clients to concentrate on their businesses without worrying about routine, repetitive work and red tape. We take care of the nuts and bolts of business allowing our clients to concentrate on what they know best.


We partner with our clients and provide them with a flexible, high quality outsourcing solutions at a predictable and attractive cost. We save our clients money and free up their time. When our clients engage Opperator they know that they can rely on market leading services by a well resourced business partner. We always
take the time to get to know our clients, their businesses and their needs and provide a named relationship manager. We won’t accept business from anyone. We ensure that we know what our clients do, and how best we can help them before starting work.


We offer a wide range of services in a number of service sectors including:
  • Anti-money laundering/KYC compliance
  • FATCA advice and processing
  • Corporate administration and support
  • Document management and review
  • Data rooms
  • Data entry and data processing
  • Transcription services

    Please feel free to contact
    We may also be contacted by telephone
    at + 36 1 486 22 00
    Simon Benedek at sbenedek@opperator.eu,
    Mihaly Barcza at mbarcza@opperator.eu or
    Zsolt Cseledi at zcseledi@opperator.eu for
    more information.